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When it comes to organising a trip, I have always been overly pendantic about keeping all my bookings in one place. Normally I would create a spreadsheet (I can see my partner’s eyes rolling backwards as I speak) and list each booking by date. Time consuming and cumbersome … you bet!

The Tripit application is exactly what I needed and wanted, and so very easy to use. To save any travel item eg. flight, accommodation, car rental, event booking (to name a few), one simply follows the steps below:

  1. Send booking receipt/confirmation to the email address [email protected]
  2. Check and review listing that Tripit has created (sometimes a car rental confirmation will not be recognised and I just need to add to the correct trip)
  3. Retrieve and view the newly created itinerary at time of travel

That’s it! Tripit organises all bookings into the new itinerary. It even includes maps where an address has been included in the confirmation email eg. accommodation. I also store items like travel insurance so that my partner can access if the worst happens. As she is signed up to the app also, it is very easy to share itineraries.

The pro version of Tripit will record any mileage points accumulated. This is handy when you have several memberships across different airlines. The pro version is a very affordable $US4.09/month and comes with some pretty nifty features such as real-time flight alerts and seat tracking.

An email from Tripit one day alerted me to the fact that if I cancelled my current fare (booked well in advance) and rebooked at the current discounted price, including my cancellation fee, I would save a substantial amount. The only reason I did not take this up was that I had a very good seat and was incredibly paranoid I would miss out on the flight (to Alaska). Flying and I have this rather anxious relationship which adds to the fun of it all!

You can find out more about the Tripit app here.


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