A uniquely Kiwi treatment for old postage stamps


Janine McDiarmid creates her art from home, just outside of Gisborne. She finds this rural lifestyle as well as her love of all things New Zealand, to be great inspiration for her art.

We recently spotted Janine’s beautiful creations on Facebook and decided we had to post them here on Little Fish. You can see more on her Facebook page at Lottie-Lu.

Stamp art happened accidentally. After discovering her father’s old stamp album gathering dust in the garage, Janine was drawn to the different stamps she recognised from childhood and decided she needed to create a piece of art to display them all. She felt it was such a waste for the old stamps to be left unseen in a tatty old book.

Postage Stamp Art by Janine McDiarmid

Postage Stamp Art by Janine McDiarmid

From there family and friends began requesting art, including such things as Tui, Fantails and even a Lancaster Bomber! The art requests progressed from there and as a result a Facebook page called Lottie-Lu was established where she now sells pieces throughout the North Island. Occasionally people ask Janine to create a piece from their own childhood stamp albums which she enjoys as it gives the art a special touch.

Postage Stamp Art by Janine McDiarmid

Postage Stamp Art by Janine McDiarmid

Janine’s artwork is sometimes exhibited locally in Gisborne, or is available through her Facebook page, Lottie-Lu.


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